BBF Brand Partnership Program

Crafting Your Dream into Reality

Discover our 'Brand Partnership Program': At Branded By Faith Group, we turn your vision of owning a clothing line into a tangible success story. Our dedicated program is tailored for designers, artists, and influencers who aspire to make a mark in the fashion world.


Collaborative Partnerships: We believe in the power of collaboration. By partnering with you, we combine your creative vision with our industry expertise to create a brand that reflects your unique style and message.

Comprehensive Support: From concept development to product launch, we provide end-to-end support. This includes design consultation, production
management, marketing strategy, and sales channel development, ensuring a
seamless journey for your brand.


Initial Investment: The profit-sharing journey begins with an assessment of the project scope and investment required. We offer flexible investment models
where Branded By Faith Group can cover a significant portion of the initial
production and promotional costs.

Revenue Sharing: Once the clothing line is launched and begins generating
revenue, profits are shared between you, the visionary, and Branded By Faith
Group. The specific percentage split is determined based on the initial
investment and the level of involvement and resources provided by each party.

Scaled Contributions: The more you contribute to the project – whether it's
through design input, marketing efforts, or direct financial investment – the more
favorable the profit-sharing percentage becomes in your favor. This model
incentivizes active participation and aligns our success with yours.

Transparent Accounting: We maintain transparent accounting practices to
ensure that all revenue and expenses are clearly documented and shared.
Regular financial reports are provided to keep you informed and involved in the
financial aspect of your brand.


Our goal is to establish a sustainable and profitable brand for you. The profit sharing model is designed not just for immediate returns but for long-term growth and success.


Brand Evolution: We stand by our partners beyond the initial launch. Our on-going support includes collection updates, market trend analysis, and expansion strategies to keep your brand growing and evolving.

Network and Exposure: Leverage our extensive network in the fashion industry. We provide opportunities for exposure through fashion shows, trade events, and media coverage, enhancing your brand's visibility and reach. 


With 'Brand Creation for Visionaries,' you’re not just launching a
clothing line; you’re building a legacy. We’re here to make sure that legacy is not only stylish but also profitable and enduring.