Accessory / Textile Goods


Branded By Faith's Established Clients In Designing And Manufacturing Custom Textile Goods And Non Wearable Fashion Accessories Right Here In The USA Made In Los Angeles Such As Bags, Aprons, Hats, Tote-Bag, Pillows, Tents, Headbands, Baby Wraps, Bedding, Special Covers For Products, Spa Towels, And Much More The List Can Go On, We Have Extensive Experience In Non-Wearable Products Made Out Of Woven, Synthetic Fabrics, Knits, Canvas, Hemp, Organic Recycle Poly And Other Fabric For Businesses Around The Globe.

Our Decades Of Experience Have Led Us To Do Many Different Projects For Business Throughout The Globe, Such As Custom Printed Bags For Tradeshows, Headbands, Shirts, Hats, Pillows, Makeup Bags, Duffle Bags, And Much More. Our Staff Helps Clients Bring To Life Custom Items For Their Exclusive Brand Or Business! We Operate Our Business Services In Los Angeles, CA, And Gardena, CA, Thereby Growing Our Sourcing Options For Our Customers, And Ensuring A Quality Product. Our Company Emphasizes A Eco-Friendly Environment, Allowing Us To Service Our Clients With Eco-Friendly Fabrics Which Are 100% Organic Cotton. All Our Fabric Is Grown, Knitted, And Sewed In The USA. Per Request, Items Can Be Specified To Be Created In Organic Cotton.