Leather Goods

Bags, Belts, Wallets, Bracelets & Patches 

Looking for custom leather bags, totes, belts stationery, diaries or briefcases? We offer a designing and manufacturing service that can create premium quality leather goods for your corporate needs.

As a leading producer of premium leather goods,  we uphold a commitment to excellence by delivering high-quality products and offering unparalleled, fully integrated development services to meet the most discerning clients' needs for leather goods production.



Branding & Creative Direction

· Small Leather Goods Design

· Bag Design

· Tech-Pack Design

· Hardware Design


 In-House Leather Show Room

· Leather / Fabric Sourcing

· Hardware Sourcing

· Custom Hardware Order

· UV Printing Service


Leather Goods / Bag Sample

· 3D Digital Sampling

· Pattern Making

· Cost Analysis


Small Leather Goods Production

· Leather Bag Production

· International Production
(Asia, Mexico & Europe)


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