Apparel Manufacturing

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BBF is your vertical private label apparel manufacturing. Every employee at BBF takes it as a Personal Mission to always Go Above and Beyond the Call of Duty and to Exceed our client’s expectations.

Our Minimum Order Quantity For Stock Fabrics Is 288 We Can Break That Down In Several Ways You Can Break That Down To 3 Colors.



Knitting is the first stage of garment production our circular knitting machines loop the yarn around each other to produce a seamless tube of fabric once finished, this tube is ready to be fabric dyed and cut to match your pattern. The look, feel and weight of your garment depends on the type of yarn and stitch used.
Dyeing is the process used to add color to your garments and bring them to life. Through dying we can match virtually any color and replicate it to the desired hue. There are two main types of dyeing offered through Branded By Faith to suit your needs: Piece Dyeing and Garment Dyeing.

Piece Dyeing:

Piece dying is the process in which the entire roll of fabric is dyed and then cut as needed or cut pieces of fabric are dyed before the garment is assembled. In this process, the fabric is placed in a jet dyeing machine and passed through the dye solution for a specified length of time. Once the fabric is dyed it is cut according to your pattern and sewn using the same color thread.