Eddie Levert, Jr., is the President of our A&R. (Artists and Repertoire) or A and R. Department. The department of a recording label that is responsible for recruiting, marketing, and developing talent.

Eddie Levert, Jr., son of Eddie Levert of the O'jays, is an American Record Label and Publishing Executive.  Eddie Levert, Jr.  started his career by first managing his brothers Sean and Gerald Levert and the group Levert. He went on to manage several artists including The Rude Boys, Men At Large, Ready For The World and more.

Eddie is actively is currently involved in  film and reality show production. 

Our goal at Branded By Faith is to help aspiring artists, navigate and thrive in the entertainment industry through our many resources. 

Global Streaming


We provide global streaming entertainment services for movies, Reality TV and TV series commercial free, with unlimited viewing on any internet-connected screen.



Expand your market media mix with TV advertising. Gain new custom audiences or retarget those already engaged with your brand.TV ads give you the advantage of increasing your brand awareness with custom video ads and the ability to measure actionable insights and engagement. 



Films give your marketing strategy the advantage of increasing brand awareness with customized video ads and the ability to measure actionable insights and engagement.



Do you have what it takes?  BBFG is constantly on the look out for the next best artist who knows that they have what it takes. Whether you are a new artist or an existing in need of rebranding we work with you and for you to take you to the next level and beyond.   



Need studio time? Whether you're a solo artist or in a band, renting recording studio can be costly but we know that it also can be huge step in your career. With Branded By Faith you can conveniently & affordably practice, record and improve.



Models, dancers, personalities, we provide a full suite of services including professional photo shoots to our clients. We also aggressively seek commercial and theatrical opportunities for our multitalented clients. 

At BBF we conveniently offer a wide range of benefits all under one roof. If you have what it takes, we can get you where you want to be.

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