Social Media Influencers

Micro & Macro Social Media Influencers

Our team of  influencers generate content that creates transforming value. We get your brand to stand out and hook your audience with authentic, high-quality content made just for you.  

Kick off

Kick off the project by launching a creative brief within the BBFG's platform. Each brand has a dedicated BBFG's Customer Success Manager to make recommendations based on your business goals, market trends, and channel best practices. Launch the creative brief and let the creators come to you.

  • Find talent

BBFG's pre-vetted marketplace of experienced creators are ready to create custom photos, videos, and product reviews just for your brand. Filter and hand-pick diverse talent based on the style that resonates most with your audience: from lifestyle UGC, to professional photography.

  • Automate

With BBFG's integration with Shopify and Big Commerce, we'll automate creator product shipping and tracking, saving brands hours of manual tasks.

  • Get assets

In as little as 6 weeks, you’ll receive your custom photos, videos, and product reviews, ready to fuel marketing campaigns. The best part? All assets are 100% owned by your brand to use wherever, forever.