BBF Partnerships

Profit Share into Generational Health

Artist / Brand, Designer, Sales Rep, or Signed Referrals... WE ALL EAT!

When you partner with BBF you receive auto generated Profit-Share revenue
whether you are the Artist / Brand, Designer, Sales Rep, or refer an artist or brand to BBF that signs on with us.


1. What is Profit-Share Splitting?

Key Takeaways. A profit-sharing plan gives all those involved with the brand, a share in the brands profits.

It is up to the Brand owner to decide how much of its profits it wishes to share. Contributions to a profit-sharing plan are made by the brand owner only; sales reps, brand reps, brand ambassadors, affiliates nor influencers can make them, too.

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Profit Share into Generational Wealth

At BBF we have designed a program where artist, designer, referrals

At BBBF we recognize that most artists are typically paid very little for their talents and have very little input in their brand design or image. This should not be the case. At BBF we have designed a program with the artist in mind.


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The BBF One Stop Brand Shop provides everything you need to conveniently and affordably design, create and market your brand all under one One Stop Brand Shop roof. 

We know the importance of brand merchandising.  We offer the latest style trends in custom brand apparel and accessories combined with the most powerful and modern AI technology in the fashion industry today.       

We use a tailored approach to each client and offer individual programs to fit your budget and/or your desired profit percentage.

We Have Compiled A Team of Experts 

  • 25+ Years of Private Label Manufacturing
  • Cutting Edge Custom Embellishments
  • Global Sourcing Network
  • 20+ Years of Celebrity Management
  • Multi-Media Marketing
  • Micro & Macro Influencer Marketing   


We Work Closely With You

      Our Team Works Closely With You


    Our expert in-house creative team is passionate about art, music and fashion. They focus on important trends in each industry and create innovative products and experiences that reflect the artist’s brand and identity. 


    Our global marketing teams works closely with the artist in bringing their vision to life. We focus on your specific brand vision through retailer sell-in programs, experiential consumer events, tour and direct-to-consumer experiences and merchandise designs. 


    We have an extensive global distribution network powered by strong, direct relationships in the retail industry, and by our ability to consistently combine the right products with good customer experiences. 


    Our licensing extends beyond apparel and traditional consumer products. They create dynamic partnerships across a variety of platforms from footwear and accessories to gaming and spirits. They work closely with an extensive global network of best-in-class licensees to provide partnerships that maximize brand potential without compromising the identity. 


    Optimize the online experience of consumers and track sales in real-time data by activating in-house digital analytics. Our custom websites allow us to drive revenue and create successful online marketing campaigns. 


    Tours and Pop-Ups are powerful ways to connect artist with fans more directly and create unforgettable moments. We create and ship your tour merch to meet you at all of the stops on your tour. We also host meet and greet pop-ups and other one-of-a-kind events that can create unforgettable moments and capture complete customer engagement.

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